Coffee and phone calls

I thought a couple weeks of interviews would give me some nice downtime to wrap up a few projects. Turns out NOPE, it’s just an endless series of coffee dates and phone calls.

A few people have warned me to be super picky - possible because of the incredible demand for iOS developers - which is a great position to be in but also quite daunting. I still want to go through the first couple of steps with most people, until the ‘cons’ list starts piling up at least.

Perhaps this is what normal non-engineer days are like? There are people who essentially have ‘coffee and phone calls’ as their job description. That would probably take some getting used to but not entirely impossible.

Still, a few things did get done in the first half of the week. I made the necessary fixes for a much needed PermissionScope release. It’s mostly cleanup and bugfixes but I think I let the whole open source thing get away from me a bit so this was an attempt at getting the project back under control where I understood everything that was going on.

Try Again is actually on the public internet now, albeit in very rough form. It’s the standard publish-with-hugo-sync-to-s3 method I’ve been fond of for a while. I’m still narrowing down how to manage all the project views in the sidebar. I think it’s going to require some fancy templating work but that’s what I’m good at (definitely the thing I was known for when working on Movable Type), plus Hugo has an interesting data-driven content tool that I’ve been itching to experiment with.

The remaining time was spent on the couple bits of contract work I have currently. I don’t find balancing client needs all that difficult when all I’m doing is contract work but when I’m trying to work on other projects or interviewing it starts to reach the conflict zone. Still, it’s not a ton of hours right now so it’s relatively calm.