First week wrap up

Plenty of progress this week but no luck with paring down the list of “active” items to the ideal 2-3.

I cleaned up the rest of the potential items for a new PermissionScope release and made a change that I thought fixed the one remaining issue but it turns out not to be the case. Back to debug mode there.

I reviewed the one PR for Pantry and I’m just waiting for it to come back with some small changes before the 0.3 release is made. Still have not reached out to that contact about promotion though.

I did a little promotion for That Thing in Swift - unexpectedly, really - so some extra views early this week there. I got some positive feedback on a topic I started a couple weeks ago which I have a feeling will be relatively popular and well-shared. I will at least make progress on that post this week.

Mostly the beginning of this week was about catching up on some contract work. Seems like I’m ahead of the curve there at the moment so perhaps I’ll have more time to work on the tasks that I didn’t hit last week.

Definitely feeling the pressure to archive the VR Project , it’s stagnating a bit and I’m not quite sure where to go with it if I don’t have any contacts inside the sports organization that I’m aiming for.

I’m torn on if I should include interviewing as a separate project. It is definitely a big focus at the moment and takes up a good chunk of my time.

It’s sort of like a big meta-project: I’m talking to people about existing projects and new ones, trying to figure out what’s interesting and worth the time to dig into further. I’m fortunate enough to not be under pressure to pick something immediately and taking your time with job decisions is one way to have control over a process that is frequently out of your hands.

For now, it stays off the list.