I’m on day 4 of writing on write.as and already feeling that push to avoid breaking my streak. I think that’s what I need to keep moving forward.

It was actually not easy for me to pick a spot to start blogging again. I spent a few days customizing some Ghost blog before I realized I just had to start writing and figure out the customization stuff later. This has always been my weakness.

The minimal choices in Write.as are nice for that. I write about what I’m thinking about today and click the publish button. There isn’t a lot of drafting or picking what to work on. One could customize the CSS but I’m intentionally avoiding it for the moment.

_Maybe_the lack of distribution is helping me write? I don’t feel like I need to filter for x and y since no one reads this (even though someone could).

Write.as so far:

  • Good, minimal interface for writing. No distractions. 
  • Straight markdown is OK, I prefer a really good WYSIWYG editor but those are few and far between.  I used the beta interface for writing in Ghost for a few days too and really liked how easy it was to get WYSIWYG (and embedding!) without a massive toolbar to pick everything.  
  • No embeds, which is shit for when I want to write about a tweet I saw or a youtube video. 
  • Not really easy to upload photos or post from a phone. I don’t do this a lot right now, but would like a place for photos that are less performative than instagram. 

Tomorrow maybe we’ll talk about trackbacks.