Hour 1 of 10,000

I’ve wanted to play guitar for a long time but it was hard to justify the cost of starting something that I didn’t know if I’d like all that much – really an absurd justification for someone who spends money on stupid technology regularly.

But! A while back I saw the kickstarter for the second generation of loog guitars, smaller form factor guitars with only three strings designed for kids and learning to play. I got one and… it sat in the closet for more than a year.

I finally found the time to pick it up yesterday and start the lessons it comes with in it’s handy app, and it’s incredibly fun. I need to stick with it and remember to pick it up and practice every day but because it’s tiny and requires no real setup, I think it’ll be a good way to take a mid-day break from the computer if I can come up with some basic practice things I can always do from memory.

A couple things I noticed during/after playing last night:

  • I started the whole process after feeling burnt out on a project I was working on for 5 Calls, and afterwards I felt refreshed and ready to work again.
  • I tend to fidget and need some thing to play with in my hands while I’m thinking about something. I felt a few times like I could slip into autopilot practicing something repetitive on the guitar and think about something else - or nothing!

While the loog guitars _are_only 3-strings, they’re the exact same setup as the top three strings of a 6-string guitar so supposedly it’ll be easy to pick up a normal size guitar later on. If my first outing is any indication, I can imaging wanting a regular guitar pretty soon here.